Heavy rainfall in the Baviaanskloof

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Monday, 10th September 2018

On Thursday 7 September, heavy rain washed over the kloof filling the dry river bed and leaving the gravel road flooded.

The rain lasted until Saturday night and caused some unexpected activities for the visitors and people living in the Hartland area…

Some overly brave drivers got stuck in the river when trying to cross while other guests got rained in at Rooikloof.

With no time to spare, the locals of the kloof quickly offered a TLB for the visitor's rescue. However, like true wilderness lovers, the offer was declined as the visitors decided they were well enough equipped with food and gear to enjoy the powerful weather experience in the heart of the Baviaanskloof.

The water flow was so heavy that the Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve had to close its gates due to the high water levels. 

The highest water level measurements in the Hartland were at Sewefontein, amounting to 70mm. 

This downpour of rain has led to the Kougadam filling up significantly. 

At 31 August 2018, the dam level was at an all-time low of 6.7% which was increased to a celebratory 25.7% on 9 September 2018.  

The locals and visitors are waiting for water levels to lower before carrying on with everyday activities. 

Photographs by Magriet Kruger and Thys Cilliers

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