Nuwekloof Pass & Baviaanskloof Sleutel
  • Baviaanskloof Hartland

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  • Longitude: 23.650653
  • Latitude: -33.521186
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About Nuwekloof Pass & Baviaanskloof Sleutel

Approaching Nuwekloof
Nuwekloof Pass
Nuwekloof Pass
Baviaanskloof Sleutel
Nuwekloof Pass Scenery
Approaching The Sleutel
Nuwekloof Pass Scenery
Nuwekloof Pass Scenery

Nuwekloofpas is a beautiful example of rock formations found in the Kloof, and is considered the official entrance into the Baviaanskloof from the west.

Local opinion is divided on how Raaskrans (noisy cliff), in the Nuwekloofpas, got its name. One version refers back to the first days of the automobile when drivers would hoot ahead of blind curves. Others say it describe the sound of gushing water.

It is said that when the Baviaanskloof Key (“Sleutel”) rock falls away from the cliff, the Kloof will be locked forever!

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